This map shows only crashes that resulted in at least one injury or fatality.

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About this Project:

The Monroe County Crash Map is maintained and operated by Reconnect Rochester to give the public access to useful information related to our roadways. Development for this project was donated by Livadas Consulting.

This map uses data collected by New York State Department Of Transportation (NYSDOT) about road traffic crashes occurring within Monroe County and Rochester NY and resulting in either death or injury. The data is compiled by NYSDOT each year and requested by Reconnect Rochester under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).

The data includes all incidents from January 1, 2010 up to the end of the most recent year for which NYSDOT has compiled data. Reconnect Rochester will attempt to update the map annually (typically around spring time each year).

Please note: This Crash Map plots incidents onto Google Maps according to geo coordinates provided by NYSDOT. As roadways are maintained or rebuilt, the Google satellite imagery you see today may not accurately reflect the road condition at the time of the incident. The creators of this map would like to point out that it is not wise to jump to conclusions about the safety of any one particular roadway or location. This map only presents a small segment of the total data that NYSDOT and other planning agencies use to analyze a roadway. If you have concerns about a particular roadway, please contact us at and we will work to connect you with the appropriate agency to look further into your case.

Our Crash Map team accepts no responsibility for errors within the data and all queries relating to accuracy should be directed to the appropriate authority. If you would like to understand more about how crash data is collected and reported please contact NYSDOT or New York Department of Motor Vehicles.